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               Welcome to HendersonNY.com! 

   This Web Site is the home of  Rhodes Greenhouses,       Alexander Corners General Store and Gift Shop, The     Corner Ice Cream Shop, The Alexander Corners Veterans and Pearl Harbor Memorial, and
   Northern New York Genealogical Services.  And, also, the many sites and sounds of the villages of Henderson,
   and Henderson Harbor, New York.

Many people stop by to have an ice cream treat in the summer and to take a walk in the display gardens that surround the greenhouses and the Veteran's Memorial.  The deli offers noon meals, and subs and sandwiches are available all day long, along with beverages of all kinds and flavors.

We like to think of our facility as a "time-out" place, to take a break from the hustle and bustle and to sit down or walk around with the kids and enjoy the view,,,, and to smell the Roses and all the other flowers- Early July is a great time to see our perennial Flowers!


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We are located on New York State Route 3, in the Town of Henderson, Jefferson County, New York, which is known as the Seaway Trail, and we sit right about in the middle between the state parks of Wescott Beach to the North and Southwicks Beach to the South.  Alexander Corners Store is located at one end of our huge parking lot and Rhodes Greenhouses is at the other end with lots of room in-between for boats, trailers and RV's, many who come to fill up with our bulk propane.  SO, we are EASY TO FIND!

            When you are looking for Plants!

Wouldn't you like to make the money that you put into your flowers a real investment?  Of course you would, you want them to last, and that is why we recommend flowers and other plants that are Proven Winners.
Proven Winners are a line of outstanding varieties of spring plants that are sold in our greenhouses.
The Rhodes family has been trained in the care and
sale of these great varieties of plants.


Rhodes Greenhouses & Garden Center
Certified for Proven Winners

 Rhodes Greenhouses and Garden Center, Rt. 3 Henderson has been notified that they are a certified grower of Proven Winner plant varieties for 2007. Proven Winners Brand of Flower plants are recognized nationwide as one of the most popular and innovative spring plant varieties in most areas of the country.

 The Rhodes family traveled to Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon, NH for their open house last August where plant trials were being held and display gardens for current and new varieties of Proven Winner Plants were open to growers from all over the country.

Rhodes Greenhouses and Garden center is celebrating its 45 Th year on Rt. 3 in Henderson and was established in 1962 by Leland And Gerene Rhodes who had previously operated the Triangle Gardens Florist and Greenhouse business on Rt. 11 in Adams south of Bob’s Auto Supply from about 1946 until 1958.

 Rhodes Greenhouses and Garden Center in Henderson is Northern New York’s Largest grower of spring plants, and is a must see for people traveling the area in the spring and summer for the plants in the greenhouses as well as those in the display gardens and landscaped areas. On site also is Alexander Corners General Store, Ice Cream Shop and between the two is located Alexander Corners Veterans and Pearl Harbor Memorial which honors all veterans and their service. Revolutionary War Solider Oliver Bates who came from Vermont and settled at Alexander Corners, named for Jonathan Sartell Alexander, another Revolutionary War Soldier, originally settled the site.  The stone house on the site is on the state and national register of historic sites and was built by Oliver, his son Cyrus and Eaton Alexander.

 Rhodes Greenhouses and Garden Center will open on Saturday April 28. Asked if the greenhouse business was going to celebrate its 45th year, Mr. Rhodes replied with the weather as it has been, perhaps he would simply take another aspirin and hope that the sun stays out…








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