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Our headquarters is located at 7185 NYS Rt. 3, Henderson, New York 13650.
Our telephone number is 315-938-5152.  Our fax number is 315-938-5152.
Our email address is

We began operations in 1982.  Operations include greenhouses, a general store,
a gift shop, genealogical services, and contributions to and the maintenance of
Veterans memorials.  The business has expanded ever since and is now the
greatest producer of spring plants in upper New York State. 

What makes Rhodes Greenhouses different from others is our "secret"
  methods of planting and growing, and our care to detail.  And where else
can you go to get a great tour of such facilities?!
(Gift Certificates are also available.)

You may also contact one of our subsidiaries, directly:

Rhodes Greenhouses
PO Box 220
Belleville, New York 13611

Alexander Corners Veterans and Pearl Harbor Memorial
PO Box 220
Belleville, New York  13611

Alexander Corners General Store
PO Box 220
Belleville, New York  13611

Alexander Corners Gift Shop
PO Box 220
Belleville, New York  13611

Northern New York Genealogical Services
PO Box 220
Belleville, New York  13611


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