Alexander Corners Pearl Harbor Memorial

















During the spring of 2000, Tony Marra, a resident of Watertown, New York and president of Chapter 7 Pearl Harbor Survivors was at our facility with his wife buying some flowers and we got to talking about the veterans memorial and how we wanted to add more items
to the display.  We spoke about perhaps dedicating some item to the local Pearl Harbors Survivors unit, and from there, we worked towards that goal, and decided on bringing a Cobra Helicopter for the display and the dedication.  A local  boy scout and his troop members picked up the project as as Eagle Scout Project and in October of 2004, a dedication was held for the project and to the Pearl Harbor Survivors, put on by the boy scouts and to be honest, they did an incredible job along with the many others who
helped with the project and the dedication itself.  The Pearl Harbor Survivors meet at the
site once a year for lunch and the memorial is a work in progress, with something being added each year to make it a place to visit, to rest and to remember those
who have served our country.

Alexander Corners Veterans and Pearl Harbor Memorial remembers all who have served
and wishes to say thank you for that service, no matter where or when you served.














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